It doesn’t cost anything to go.  I have no reason not to go. I didn’t know a church could do so much. There is always something going on at Covenant.

I was so bored at home just sitting on the couch watching tv and eating all day. Now I look forward to going to the church to exercise and laugh.  We have such a good time and everyone is so nice. It wasn’t hard to get started. Everyone keeps me motivated. I know I am healthier.

I lost 17 pounds.

I am not going through cancer alone. Everyone at Covenant cares about me.

My A1C went down. I am eating better and moving more. My doctor was so proud when she called me with the result.

I look forward to going to Covenant. I just feel better after going there.

I didn’t know I had high blood pressure. They helped me get a doctor and now I have the right medicine.

2018 Nutrition Champion Award